February 28, 2015

Research Platform

The Research Platform is a unique resource for Canadian and International Researchers interested in health services, health utilization, population health and epidemiological research.

Data provided by Atlantic PATH Participants 

Approximately 34,000 participants, aged 30-74 have entrusted us with detailed information about genetics, lifestyle, behavior, and their environment.

Participants provided this study data through the following questionnaires:

CPTP Core Questionnaire:   Download Variables

Questions Unique to the Atlantic Provinces:   Download Variables

Follow-up Survey:   Download Variables

Linkage Data:

We are enriching the Research Platform with comprehensive routinely collected health care, health services, and population health data. Approved Researchers will have access to longitudinal, person-specific, de-identified health data linked to our data from the following Atlantic Provincial databases:

  • Cancer Registries
  • Physician Billing
  • Hospital Discharge Abstracts
  • Vital Statistics (death)
  • Hospital-based and community-based ambulatory care, including emergency rooms.

Access Atlantic PATH Data