Questionnaire data from the first Atlantic PATH follow-up survey is now available to researchers!


Between 2016-2019 participants were invited to complete the first follow-up questionnaire. More than 21,000 Atlantic PATH participants completed the follow-up questionnaire. That data underwent a harmonization process across all the cohorts and is now available to researchers.


The questionnaire seeks information about a person’s health that may have changed since the first time they provided information.


The follow-up dataset includes the following:

  • Demographic
  • Mental Health
  • Health status
  • Medical history
  • Prescribed medication
  • Family health history
  • Behaviours (sleep, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana use, and e-cigarette use)
  • Working status
  • Household income
  • Anthropometric measurements


More information about the questionnaires can be found here.  Learn more about the Data Access Process.