National COVID-19 Questionnaire Data Now Available

Over 101,500 CanPath participants from across Canada completed the CanPath COVID-19 Questionnaire in 2020. The first release of this data, including the over 93,000 responses collected by October 31st, 2020, is now available to researchers.

These data were collected by the regional cohorts that make up CanPath: the BC Generations Project, Alberta’s Tomorrow Project, the Manitoba Tomorrow Project, Ontario Health Study, CARTaGENE (Quebec) and Atlantic PATH.

Data collected through the survey include:

  • Self-reported COVID-19 test results/suspected infection
  • Symptoms experienced (if any)
  • Current health status and risk factors
  • Potential sources of exposure
  • Lifestyle and behaviours (alcohol use, tobacco use etc.)
  • Impact of the pandemic on job status
  • Impact of the pandemic on mental, emotional, social and financial well-being

Nationally harmonized data from the CanPath COVID-19 Questionnaire is now available to researchers. Given the immediate need for pandemic research, CanPath has revised its expedited review process to provide timely access to the data. Requests for access to the national COVID-19 Questionnaire dataset, as well as accompanying baseline and follow-up datasets, will be reviewed in as little as 9 business days.

Please note that while ethnicity/race data was not collected through this questionnaire, self-reported ethnicity data was collected at baseline for all CanPath participants. This data is available for all participants who completed the COVID-19 questionnaire, with the exception of Manitoba Tomorrow Project participants as this cohort is still in recruitment.

Of the over 93,000 participants to complete the CanPath COVID-19 Questionnaire by October 31st:

  • 11.5% reported they were tested for COVID-19
  • 0.21% reported they tested positive for COVID-19
  • 0.02% were hospitalized because of COVID-19
  • 2.66% suspected having an undiagnosed case of COVID-19
  • 52.2% experienced mild or severe symptoms of COVID-19
  • 25.4% reported a change in employment status since the pandemic

Questions about the CanPath COVID-19 Questionnaire dataset? Email