2022 Women Leaders in Digital Health

Congratulations to our colleague, Dr. Samina Abidi who has been selected as one of nine Women Leaders in Digital Health 2022 by Digital Health Canada. Launched in 2017, this award recognizes visionaries who are harnessing the power of IT to transform Canadian health and healthcare.

Dr. Abidi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University. She holds an MD, MSc in Information Technology and PhD in Health Informatics. Dr. Abidi is the co-Director of the NICHE (kNowledge Intensive Computing for Healthcare Enterprises) research group and has been involved with digital health academics, innovation, mentorship and advocacy for over 10 years. Her research interests span artificial intelligence, digital health and knowledge management.

“...¬†[G]iven the unique challenges and demands faced by the Canadian health system, we need not just dynamic clinical leaders but also a diversified community of thinkers and problem solvers who bring innovative solutions to address the gaps within the Canadian health system. In this regard, Dr. Abidi possesses excellent leadership, innovation, forward-thinking and interpersonal skills, coupled with sound academic acumen and experience that is helping to improve the Canadian health system.”

2022 Women Leaders in Digital Health: Dr. Samina R. Abidi