Healthy Future Sask Launch!!

Congratulations to our colleagues at Healthy Future Sask!! With the addition of Healthy Futures Sask, CanPath is represented by regional cohorts in all ten provinces. CanPath is the largest population health cohort study in the country with more than 330,000 participants.

Healthy Future Sask will be recruiting 7,000 provincial participants between the ages of 30-74.

“Adding Saskatchewan to this major research project is an opportunity to be part of creating a legacy with wide-ranging impacts for generations to come,” said Riaz Alvi, Scientific Director for Healthy Future Sask and Director of Epidemiology for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. “The information within our cells can be a valuable asset towards scientific and global research while enhancing the research already being done and supported at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. In addition, this study will allow researchers to use more fulsome data to understand the risks for chronic disease, including cancer.”

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