CBC Radio re. Shelburne, Nova Scotia project

CBC Radio’s Jeff Douglas interviewed Dr. Ingrid Waldron, the HOPE Chair in Peace and Health in the Global Peace and Social Justice Program at McMaster University and Louise Delisle, a founding member of the South End Environmental Justice Society. This summer, a new study funded by the New Frontiers in Research Fund and with team members from McMaster University and Dalhousie University will begin to investigate a dump in the South End of Shelburne and whether or not exposures have contributed to high cancer rates and deaths in the Black community.

Atlantic PATH’s Research Director, Dr. Ellen Sweeney is a collaborator on this project. Biological samples and data from Atlantic PATH will be used to compare Atlantic PATH participants from Nova Scotia to the population of this study from Shelburne.

Interview with Jeff Douglas on CBC Radio: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-37-mainstreet-ns/clip/15983880-new-study-examine-connection-between-shelburne-dump-high