Nova Scotian Institute of Science – Dr. Derrick Lee Presentation

Dr. Derrick Lee, Assistant Professor at St. FX University recently gave an excellent presentation on “How Environment and Genes Impact Colorectal Cancer Risk in Atlantic Canada” to the Nova Scotian Institute of Science.

“Like many Atlantic Canadians, cancer has affected me directly and indirectly, and there are many factors that influence individual risk of cancer. Many of us are familiar with the risks associated with smoking, as well as the risk when there is a family history of the disease, and yet none of these factors are unique to Atlantic Canada. In today’s talk, I’m going to describe one of my projects that takes aim at explaining why the risk of colorectal cancer.” Dr. Derrick Lee, Saint Francis Xavier University.

Dr. Lee’s research on environment and gene interactions in colorectal cancer risk uses data and biological samples from Atlantic PATH and the BC Generations Project.

You can find the presentation on the Nova Scotian Institute of Science’s YouTube page: