New Microbiome Publication

Congratulations to our colleagues, Dr. Jacob Nearing, Dr. Vanessa DeClercq and Dr. Morgan Langille on their new microbiome publication!! “Investigating the Oral Microbiome in Retrospective and Prospective Cases of Prostate, Colon and Breast Cancer” utilizes saliva samples from Atlantic PATH and Alberta’s Tomorrow Project to consider potential biomarkers for cancer. Link to article in Nature Read more about New Microbiome Publication[…]

Keynote Lecture

Atlantic PATH Scientific Director, Dr. Robin Urquhart was the key note speaker at the 8th annual Charbonneau Research Symposium. The Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute is based at the University of Calgary and brings together scientists and physicians to integrate resaerch and care across disciplines – from understanding and preventing cancer, to transorming its detection and treatment, Read more about Keynote Lecture[…]

Changing the narrative of lung cancer to improve prevention for non-smokers

Congratulations to Dr. Robin Urquhart and team on their successful funding from the Canadian Cancer Society to examine the effects of environmental exposures in non-smokers to detect lung cancer earlier. Lung cancer is most often linked to smoking, but can also occur in people who have never smoked because of exposure to arsenic, radon gas Read more about Changing the narrative of lung cancer to improve prevention for non-smokers[…]

New Publication

Congratulations to Majouni et al. on the new publication, “Applying Machine Learning to Arsenic Species and Metallomics Profiles of Toenails to Evaluate Associations of Environmental Arsenic with Incident Cancer Cases.” This research involves analyzing toenail samples from Atlantic PATH, as well as machine learning algorithms to arsenic species and metallomics profiles to investigate the complex Read more about New Publication[…]

Congratulations to Dr. Robin Urquhart and the CanPath team across the country!

Funded by the Canadian Cancer Society Data Transformation Grant, this work will connect cancer registry and administrative health data with CanPath data creating a unified resource for cancer research in Canada. Urquhart R, Awadalla P, Bhatti P, Dummer T, Gravel S, Vena J, Alvi R, Broet P, Kendell C, Kirsh V, Lettre G, Skead Read more about Congratulations to Dr. Robin Urquhart and the CanPath team across the country![…]

New Publication! Toenail speciation biomarkers in arsenic‐related disease: a feasibility study for investigating the association between arsenic exposure and chronic disease

Congratulations to Nathan Smith & colleagues!! Based on his MSc research, this is important foundational work examining toenails as biomarkers for arsenic speciation that Atlantic PATH and the HERC Lab continue to build on.